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Seams, reflections and highlights

In the epoch of the produced machine, there was a schism between fabricator and 'care taker'. For as much as the surfaces and materials had beauty, they required constant upkeep. It was the spit and polish of the care takers that made these collectibles 'shine'.

Possibly our era has shifted the care taker towards a 're-placer'. Where if the product doesn't shine anymore, we just get another. But what happens when this shifts even farther and the object becomes its own care taker? When nano materials allow it to maintain and enhance its own 'shine'.

I worry, as I've often wondered why antique car collectors will host a common show of their prized collection, while collectors of fine art don't. I think it's because the antique car collectors are invested in their collectibles. Without their care, the antique would be simply rust away at the auto wreckers. If things already take care of themselves, will we be able to invest ourselves in our things,...

Maybe fine art needs something else for the collector to be involved with. But if so, then the collecting seems destined to not be shared like the car collectors shows. If the collectible is only collected, and not nurtured somehow by the collector, then the sharing seems to be minimized.

Art is a sharing.
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