Upon a bed of green

January 01, 2012  •  Leave a Comment

 Meandering the side roads, there is aiways something to pique your interest.  Two turtles birthing, which should tell me something of motherhood, but instead makes me wonder again how high should a painting be hung?  For it seems more often then not, that the images that grab me the most, are those that allow me to comtemplate them at their level.  Here, on the sides of two different roads, down on the gravel with the birthing (?) of a clutch of eggs.  

It seems with the advent of portable artworks, physically separarted from "their" architecture, the norm for painting placement has become vertical on a wall, at about whatever is considered the standard norm for eyeheight....  and if that is so, then has this moving of the painting (from integral stuccoed surfaces)  to an eye to eye viewing, prescribed and shifted paintings subject matter?  

Is the portable painting a media that can only say certain things?   Not that that would necessarily be bad, one could argue the contrary that previously mural paintings in stucco could only occur in public buildings with the given financial resources and so could only be monumental in their impact and import...

I just wonder, how high should the painting be hung?





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