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Whereas Warhol may have been interested in multiplicity, I think our cultural norm has shifted from mass reproduction, towards a plurality of beings.  A google translation (whether for good or bad) where in the "digital' content you like can be listened to on your cell, radio, Mp3, desktop,cable ....  Not so much that its usage is multi device capable, but that there are a plurality of circumstances where you engage with it , with a resulting plurality of experiences.

And it isn't even the plurality that is really intriguing for me, but more so the ways we hop between these plurality of engagements.  So although the subject of painting may be multiple, I think our cultural norm is asking painting to permit this plurality of engagements too. 

How to approach that?  ...  maybe multiple venues, or possibly this is all just a larger sign of a cultural  marketing mania, where McDonald's offers toys of the latest movie which spun off of the best seller digital game, which came from a hit single of the band from the TV show idle idols...

Is it a cultural vortex taking in painting, or can painting bring something of value to the plurality of engagement?









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