Inherent essence

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Painting as a subset of art, has always shifted as a medium.  Yet to grasp the direction of this trajectory, one needs to distinguish the 'what' of painting versus the other media we group under fine arts.  "As soon as one stops asking the question appropriate to a machine-'what does it do?'- and asks the question appropriate to part of a person -'in what manner does it do what it does?'- the answer starts to become clearer."  Iain McGilchrist Top Brain, Bottom Brain   

The manners of painting are manifold, and a key aspect of each of the unique media of art, are how we experience time when we interact with them. This Such an outline calls for a juxtaposition of how we experience time generally in any of them.

  • Radio: Concurrent, focused on others voices and others concept of times speed

  • Photography: Attestation - the captured / stolen moment, bridging time placements - there and now - simultaneously

  • Telephone: Extroverted - reaching across personal distances, we skip across time required to travel

  • Film: Unfolds before us - yet compressed into 1-2 hour spans  (compressed canned time, all stories are time clones)

  • Television: Serial (daily, weekly, seasonal) &  interruptive, corporative time

  • Video: Private, personal, alternative, inward time

  • Internet: ahead of us, legion, multitude, yet narrow focus, ribbons of narrow time slipping away

  • Digital: persuasive, immediate, dubious, time vortex like a black hole

  • Mobile: narcissistic, now, decentralized, immediate but momentary

  • Painting: immortal, memory centric -hence shared precious, pilgrimage




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