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Our epochs contribution  isn't so much that we have a diversity of ways of knowing the world, but more that in technical terms we have more ease of moving between these different ways of knowing.  Evolutionary speaking, our frontal cortex doesn't replace our reptilian brain, it is layered over top of it, both still function.  As Bernard Lonergan has pointed out, with every insight that we garner, we don't throw out the old ways of knowing, they linger, and are continually used by us.  Most would concur the world is round, but we still walk as if was flat... Our epochs technology hasn't simply added to the diversity of ways of doing and knowing, but has increased the concurrent usage of these different ways.

Art too reflects this many ways of seeing and knowing., Which leads many in the art world to believe we have lost our way, with a proliferation of stylistic schools and subjects.  These aren't so much derivatives, as they are concurrent and equally  valid ways of how we know of the world.. Our current social polarization requires that we learn how to move between these sometimes divergent ways of being,, without losing our inherent coherency, so we may move forward.

Art needs to multiply our horizons.





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