Every moment follows another

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Reconsidering somethings Mr McLuhan had written.  The idea that everyone aspires to be significant.  The means to that varies with all of us.   While he also held that if our affection for dogs blooms into love , that we will have lost our understanding of the significance of a soul.

Somewhere in there is a corollary for art.  That though every moment has the potential to be a subject of arts attention, that which we actually chose for a works subject, has an impact.  That not all moments should
become inspirational and that if they do, somewhere along our way, we may well have lost something of significantly more value. ...Will what we have gained be more worthy? 

Only to say that maybe, arts choice of subject is important for more then itself.  (and that arts capacity to offend and shock viewers is likely based in this understanding.   The offense is in the diminishing of the something else held dear by the viewer)




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