Silent moorings

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A picture is worth a thousand words

All art is predicated upon juxtapositions.  Paintings uses color versus form; volume versus line, hue versus hue, negative space versus positive, frame versus expanse of wall; recognition versus intrigue.  Even historical art movements occur sequentially juxtaposed in rejection and discovery.

Yet throughout all these juxtapositions, painting has remained for the most part - silent. - Mute.

Maybe that is why when there is a label or title on the wall, we rush over to read it?  Maybe that is what gives critics such authority?

So if paintings are so grounded in juxtaposition, do they remain silent so that when we turn away, we fill the void with our thoughts and voices?  Like some thought response after image, Similar to how our retinas decode the world based upon amplifying or diminishing their signal based upon their neighbours response?
Maybe we hear the paintings only when they remain voiceless, juxtaposing our own thoughts to those unspoken. 

To avoid confusion, you show.  To speak,  paintings remain silent.






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