Art versus Tech as GAN

December 31, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Art and technology can be known as structural components in a social “Generative Adversarial Network” that offers positive evolutionary progress to society.
Technology is the McLuhanesque medium that ultimately modifies its users.  “Everyway of being becomes a way of knowing.”  We become slaved to how the technology is used day to day and our view of the world is reshaped to this new mold.  This shifts our society without preplanning, we adapt to our new environment.  We unknowingly are changed. 

Art is the counter-leverage to this technological social shift.  It embodies “Every way of knowing becomes a way of being”  It allows us to test run paradigms of being, to see the world anew; and so, to in turn change ourselves via the enlightenment  of seeing what we have or shall become.  We see ourselves in a cultural mirror and accept or reject what we have inadvertently become.  We can choose what we are.

These two adversarial shifts – accommodation to technology and a cultural conscious revealing agency ;  move civilisation forward. Like skaters, both contribute and counterbalance each others tendancies as we become into being.  Art still exists,  as it fulfills a social function through its utter uselessness.



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