The retelling is the telling.

September 29, 2023  •  Leave a Comment

There exists the phenomena of information overload. We are assuredly in a period of imagery sur-saturation.  Yet we have always filtered our surroundings to pay attention to that which is pertinent. It is normal the the chatter of the cafe becomes background to the conversation we are engaged with…  

However the ubiquitous nature of the advertising age, is not so much the volume of repetition of the imagery or message, but the 'deja connu' form of its agency.  The multitude of the imagery, is subsumed to its legion of mediums.  The punchline remains as the joke telling morphs into a myriad of tellings.  The images we are exposed to are not identical, but reshaped by their and our contexts.  These multi-tellings of the image become ephemeris in our reaction to their themes and story threads. We are reacting not so much to the image, but to its re-encounters.

The retelling is the telling.




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